Nawhal's sauces top 3: Algerian, Samurai and Biggy Burger

To everyone's delight, Nawhal's offers a wide variety of different tastes coming from all over the world, with more than 30 kinds of sauces.
Nawhal's invites you to discover many tastes that you never knew before and you didn't expect. In one word: you will love them.

Thanks to our customers we are able to presents Nawhal's sauce top 3. Go back to the success story of the Algerian, Samurai and Biggie Burger sauces.

  1. Algerian Sauce
  2. Samurai Sauce
  3. Biggy Burger Sauce

The Algerian sauce, sure value, flavor of the south

Sauce AlgérienneFirst, the Algerian sauce. To understand the success of this mixture coming from the Mediterranean you have to know that, the taste of the Algerian sauce was inspired by a famous traditional Algerian meal called « Mhajeb » or « Mahjouba ». It is made with spicy mayo, onions and special spices. The Algerian sauce is easily recognizable by its orange color.


Samurai sauce, the benefits of experience

Sauce SamouraïSecond, the exotic name of the sauce, Samurai, makes you think about the famous Japanese warriors. The power of the sauce is in its name, smooth and spicy at the same time. It is made with spicy mayo and red pepper. The Samurai sauce is requested very often, in snacks and fast foods.


Biggy Burger sauce, the American dream from Nawhal's

Sauce Biggy BurgerLast but not least, the Nawhal's American dream: the Biggy Burger sauce. Inspired by a famous hamburger from another American brand (not halal), the Biggy Burger sauce is the solution offers to Muslims. A way to eat the « same » hamburger.  The Biggy Burger sauce is made with sugar mayo and mixed with pickles.

To respond to the increasing demand of the European Muslim community, Heliadis company has recently open a chain of fast foods called Urban Food Maker (only in Belgium for now).