Who are we?

Our brand

Heliadis Belgium is family owned company launched in 2003 and his main mission was and remains to find an industrial solution and a halal answer to a lot of number of food products for muslims requirements.

The fast food sauces market was more or less equal to zero at this time.
Thanks to this statement, it has been obvious for us to create an original range of Halal sauces dedicated to European market, first, by sticking to local tastes and requirements

The Halal

Nawhal’s is the top brand in Europe for sauces designed to supply restaurateurs and includes a wide range of over 30 recipes inspired by flavours from all over the world.
This brand has been tailored with an international dimension, the priority target being the ethnic segment and the halal market in Europe


We are active in the following markets:

  • Fast-food
  • Supermarket
  • Halal butcher's
  • CHR, Horeca

Following our success in the restaurant sector and considerable demand from consumers keen to enjoy the incomparable flavours of our sauces in sandwiches or dishes prepared at home, we thought it would be logical and indeed essential to launch our products in the network of halal butcher's shop and supermarkets in pack suited to the general public.

Our commitments

Halal : Our production process is guaranteed free of ingredients of animal origin such as gelatine, meat stucks

The taste : The sauces are based on a top-of-the-range dressing. We replace non-halal ingredients with substitutes which have no effect on the original taste (eg: whisky us reokaced by grapefruit juice in the coktail sauce).

Quality : At Nawhal's sauces we make a commitment to use only premium quality products. The hygiene and provenance of our ingredients are continually checked in the laboratory, in the factory and against very meticulously-defined specifications. In orde to avoid the risk of contamination from non-halal products, a careful maintenance procedure is performed on tanks, piping and filler nozzles for every Nawhal's sauce production run using alcohol-free cleaning products.

The selection : Nawhal's sauces offer you a range of over 30 different recipes and we are committed to our work on new and original recipes.


Our sauces are produced in our ultra-modern factory which has a production capacity of 90,000 tonnes and where the production lines are constantly adapted to developments in the market and to comply with regulations.
The factory possesses:

  • Higher level BRC, HACCP, IFS certification; Production lines meeting all standards and continually maintained as such;
  • Its own dynamic laboratory working on new products and innovative, personalised packaging.
  • Efficient logistics providing superior quality service;
  • Premises in Belgium close to the port of Antwerp for excellent service for both Europe and the rest of the world.



The main concern of our R&D department is to take account of feedback from both consumers and restaurateurs. This is what drives our policy of innovation which has consistently focused on customer satisfaction and winning their loyalty by means of an ongoing quest for excellence, whether in terms of quality or development.

MDD Export

With branches in France and Belgium, Nawhal's continues to expand internationally.

In a process of continuous evolution, our requirement is the quality and innovation of our products through the diversity of our projects.

The "Urban Food Maker”, our new concept of fast food restaurants which 2 have already been set up in Brussels, is one example. Our ambitions for international development are moving today to North Africa, the Middle East but also Asia and Africa to answer to a real request for our sauces across borders.

After attending the Anuga tradeshow in Cologne from October 8 to 12, Nawhal's will exhibit at "Ethnic Food Europe" in Brussels from March 27 to 29. Nawhal's was able to differentiate themselves by providing the food industry with innovative products. We wish now to make this "difference" an international reference.